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Where We Deliver

(In-Person For Subscription Boxes Only)

Suspended pending operational changes.

Click the Order A Box button above to get your one-stop-shop access to locally raised meats, produce, dairy, eggs, and more.  As more farms come on board, the more products we will be able to offer.  And more boxes too.


If you are looking for something specific or if you have a favorite farm you don’t see, contact us via the contact form and let us know. 


Overnight Shipping Available Below:

Bell County

Dallas / Fort Worth


Important Information

Be ready to receive your order!  It will take all of us to maintain food safety.

How do meat and dairy deliveries work?

We will maintain safe temperatures throughout the supply chain process all the way up until your doorstep.  Subscribers need to be ready to receive cold/frozen products.  Ideally, the subscriber will be home at delivery and take the goods straight to their freezer or refrigerator. 

If they cannot be home, we require that subscribers leave some kind of accessible cold storage at their doorstop or garage so that we can place the frozen/cold products into your receptacle for the short interim time that you will need it stored between delivery and your ability to get it into longer-term storage.

The meat items arriving in your delivery have been frozen and vacuum-packaged to ensure freshness. Although your meat should arrive frozen, it is possible that some thawing and condensation may occur which should not affect the quality of the product.

When ordering from locally sourced farms, dairies, etc., you are not only supporting local and eating great food, but you are also joining a community.

Just like any good neighbor, you need to be prepared to adjust as things change. Quantities of available stock, weather, logistics, and any number of things can affect either the products received, the amount of product, or the delivery.

Farms, dairies, etc. must deal with a ton of factors that are sometimes out of their control. Thus, they are out of the control of Texas Farm Box and you the subscriber.

By subscribing to a Texas Farm Box, you are agreeing to be flexible and understand the fact that things change, and they change fast and with little warning.

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