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How does our box subscription work?

The contents of each box will be unique to the farm/place the products are coming from. Our goal is to feature real, fresh, honest-to-goodness foods like beef, dairy, chicken, pork, eggs, produce, and more. Pick the box or boxes you want, pick the delivery frequency you want, pay for it, and wait for your food to come on the next rotation of deliveries.

When and where do we deliver?

We deliver to Central Texas, but will expand as fast as possible. See Delivery Locations for the latest places. We are going to slowly cover more and more territory, so if your county is not yet covered, email us and tell us to hurry up and get to you!

Your delivery schedule depends on your location.

Can I customize the products that come in my subscription box?

The short answer is no. One day, we hope to. For us to provide consistent, quality, affordable, and deliverable products, we are setting boxes at a fixed amount of products with no variants. If we were to offer customization, we do not feel we could maintain our high standards and customize at the same time. So, we are opting to maintain the standards and hopefully, that will lead to the ability to offer high standards AND customization in the near future.

Our suggestion to those who don't want all of the products in a box is to share what they receive with a family member, friend, or neighbor!

Do I need to subscribe to receive a delivery?

Yes. In the spirit of "it takes a village," for us to provide quality boxes, delivery, etc., we want to develop a network of folks who have in common a love for fresh foods and support locally sourced products.

You can cancel a subscription at any time so there is no long-term commitment.   

Having said that, we are loyal folks. Customers who subscribe and stay with us will reap benefits down the road as we grow and expand. Though we can not promise anything specific, just know that we plan to take care of our people for a long time.  

How do meat and dairy deliveries work?

We will maintain safe temperatures throughout the supply chain process all the way up until your doorstep. Subscribers need to be ready to receive cold/frozen products. Ideally, the subscriber will be home at delivery and take the goods straight to their freezer or refrigerator. 

If they cannot be home, we require that subscribers leave some kind of accessible cold storage at their doorstop or garage so that we can place the frozen/cold products into your receptacle for the short interim time that you will need it stored between delivery and your ability to get it into longer-term storage.

The meat items arriving in your delivery have been frozen and vacuum-packaged to ensure freshness. Although your meat should arrive frozen, it is possible that some thawing and condensation may occur which should not affect the quality of the product.

Can I have multiple box subscriptions on one profile?

Yes. Just go to the Store page from and add another Box Subscription to your profile.

What is the deadline for me to make changes to my order
(put on hold, order add-ons, change subscription size etc.)?

Changes to any order can be done online at in your account up until 11:00 P.M. Monday prior to your next delivery.

How do I suspend/hold my deliveries?

There is a delivery calendar on the right-hand side of your account dashboard. Click on the date you would like your box to be suspended/put on hold, then press the “Hold Delivery” button.

If you would like to lift a suspension you previously added, you will follow the same steps, but the button will say “Get Delivery." 

If you would like to hold your delivery for multiple weeks, you can then choose the “suspend delivery” button below your delivery calendar and this will allow you to choose a start and end date (via your delivery calendar) to make longer-term holds.

**The color on the calendar around your delivery dates will help you see what is the status of that delivery (the color key located below the calendar.)

How do I cancel my box?

You will see a link in the My Subscriptions category box that reads “View/Modify My Subscription” on your account dashboard. Click on this link.

Then you will click the button that reads “Cancel Subscription” button that is under the subscription you would like to cancel. This will take that subscription and cancel it until you re-activate that subscription.

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