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This Austin travel blogger visited every Texas Buc-ee's in 3 days

Updated: Apr 28, 2022


Written by Luis de Leon

He brought some beaver nuggets with him back to Wisconsin for his family to try -- and his mom approves.

AUSTIN, Texas — Yes, you read that correctly. An Austin man actually visited every Buc-ee's in Texas -- in three days.

“Usually when I take a road trip I just give er'," said Cody Esser.

Esser, who lives in Austin, embarked on this massive road trip back in 2018 when there were 33 Buc-ee's. Its website says there are 36 locations now. RELATED: ‘It’s a Texas thang’: Katy teens take prom pictures at Buc-ee’s

Esser is originally from Wisconsin and moved to Austin five years ago. His travel blog is called "The Impulsive Traveler Guy" and the name fits perfectly.

"Sometimes my road trips are challenging," said Esser. Challenging to say the least -- just ask his Ford Focus.

"I originally bought it brand new with 3 miles on it. And I have close to 52,000 miles on it and it's only two years old," said Esser

Esser first stumbled upon the massive store in New Braunfels. His first thoughts? "This is huge, I guess I'm in Texas now," said Esser. “I’ve never seen a gas station the size of a super Walmart.”

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He thought trying out all of the locations was the perfect fit for his travel blog. He wanted to pursue something that was local to Texas.

“Typically on road trips, I’ll stop and visit one – but why don’t I go and make a road trip out of going to all the Buc-ee’s?" said Esser. “I was just trying to find something that was good and local to the area, so what’s more Texas than Buc-ee’s?" He says he visited seven locations on the first day, 22 on the second and four on the last day. He said it was possible because a lot of the locations are clustered in the same region.

“I went and took MapQuest up, figured out how long it would take to go to each one, calculated that I thought I would be at each one for about 15 to 20 minutes, and figured how many I could do in, say, a 14-hour day," said Esser. But what about some of his favorite parts about Buc-ee's?

“The clean bathrooms are great ... and just the sheer selection of stuff," said Esser. "If I'm on a road trip and I just want anything, you can get it at Buc-ee's."

Melissa, Texas just had its grand opening for a Buc-ee's, and you bet he made an appearance. RELATED: Pink stops at Buc-ee's on the way to San Antonio

He also says he's shared the Buc-ee's love with his family back home.

“I actually brought some beaver nuggets up to my mom in Wisconsin and she absolutely loved 'em," said Esser.

Ultimately, he just loves taking road trips and simply blogging about it.

He says he makes time for these trips depending on his job situation.

You can find his Facebook page here.

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